Triple M Factory Visit


Our visit to the Triple M factory simply affirmed everything we felt about this company.  Walking through on our plant tour we became very quickly aware of why these homes are produced with such high quality.

The plant was clean and organized. We also got to witness one of their roofers catch a beam that was just a shade crooked. He could have easily covered it with plywood, then shingles as neither us nor the home owner would have ever known the difference. He did not however. He took the time to move it in place, re-nail then proceed with the roofing.


The entire staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome. It has always been our firm belief that good people make good companies and Triple M is surrounded in good people.


We got to see many new upgrades and to be quite honest – loved them all! The new modern light fixtures, the new laminate and flooring and some great new appliances are all going to give the new homes an even more specular feel.


Check out the new photos and let us know your thoughts. Not only have they changed the inside but added some super cool features to the outside as well!


We’re excited to partner with Triple M and look forward to a bright future indeed!

Susan and Gene Minard



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